Explanation of group no 10

number description
10 Leisure activities

List of questions of this group in the dataset
1   How many books do you read in your free time?
2   How many comics do you read?
3   How often do you read daily newspapers?
4   How often do you watch TV?
5   How often do you go to the cinema?
6   How often do you listen to the radio?
7   How often in your free time do you participate in team sports such as basketball, handball, football, bandy or similar sports?
8   How often in your free time do you do sports such as swimming, skiing or similar sports?
9   How often in your free time to you go to sporting events such as football matches, athletics tournaments etc.?
10   How often do you play a musical instrument, such as e.g. the violin, piano or accordion?
11   How often do you go to the meetings of a club or society?
12   How often do you spend time with your school friends in your free time?

Forms and questions in cohort 1948 having questions in this group
  This group are not available in any other form for this cohort