Explanation of group no 3

number description
3 Plans and choices

List of questions of this group in the dataset
        The pupils choice in mathematic
        The pupils choice in english
        The pupils first choice
        The pupils second choice
        Home language
        Studied swedish as a second language

Forms and questions in cohort 1977 having questions in this group
  Questionnaire in grade 6
  Parent questionnaire in grade 6
  Questionnaire in grade 10 AX
  School Administrative data in grade 3
  School Administrative data in grade 4
  School Administrative data in grade 5
    1  What is your current occupation? (several responses can be given)
    2  What did you mostly do during …
    3  What were the most important reasons for not starting upper secondary school?
    8  Did you participate in any remedial courses before you changed programs / did break?
    9  Did you have conversations with an adult at the school before you decided to change / break?
    10  Did you have before the change / interruption absent from education?
    11  How long were you absent from education?
    12  Have you gone over any period of the individual program?
    13  How long did you go to the individual program?
    17  Did you come in to your first choice in terms of programs?
    18  Have you had to go the direction that you most wanted?
    19  How much was your first choice of programs in
    20  How much was your first choice of the UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL
    21  How has it been to study in the upper secondary school?
    22  How like / liked you for the most part in the upper secondary school?
    27  Have you had / do you have any work-based education (APU)?
    28  How many weeks did you have work-based education (APU)?
    29  To what extent has the work-based education (APU) been linked with your education?
    30  What do you think of the workplace-based education (APU) that you received during high school?
    31  How would you evaluate the training you get in upper secondary school when it comes to
    32  Do the following statements correspond with your situation in upper secondary school?
    33  Did you feel mobbed or unfairly treated in high school?
    34  Approximately how many hours per week have you spent on schoolwork outside of the curricular subjects?
    35  Have you, during term time, done any paid work?
    36  How important do you consider the following options SHOULD HAVE for grading?
    37  How important do you consider the following options have on the grades?
    38  What relevance have the grades and how do they affect you?
    39  Are your course grades fair?
    40  How are the unfair grades?
    41  What do you think of the number of steps in the grading system (IG, G, VG and MVG)?
    42  Do you plan after secondary schools to ...?
    43  Questions on the Scholastic Aptitude Test:
    44  Do you have plans to start studying at university or college?
    45  How many years (full-time education) do you intend to study?
    46  You who are interested to go to university or college: How important are these options?
    47  If you never are interested in learning at university or college: State why
    48  What do you think of the following selection methods to admission for higher education?
    49  What are you occupational plans?
    50  How many hours per week do you spend the following in your spare time?
  School Administrative data in grade 7
  School Administrative data in grade 8
  School Administrative data in grade 9