Explanation of group no 4

number description
4 Achievement

List of questions of this group in the dataset
        Grade: Swedish
        Grade: Mathematic
        Grade: English
        Grade: Physics
        Grade: Biology
        Grade: Chemistry
        Grade: Natural science subjects NO
        Grade: Geography
        Grade: Religion
        Grade: History
        Grade: Social studies
        Grade: Social subjects SO
        Grade: Drawing
        Grade: Music
        Grade: Handicraft
        Grade: Physical training
        Grade: Technology
        Grade: Home economics
        Grade: Swedish as a second language
        Grade: Mother language
        Grade: Modern C-language
        Grade: Sign language
        Grade: Modern B-language
        Grading system

Forms and questions in cohort 1977 having questions in this group
  Aptitude test in grade 3 and 6 and National standardised achievement tests in grade 8 and 9
  School Administrative data in grade 8
  This group are not available in any other form for this cohort