Explanation of group no 8

number description
8 Perception of educational practices

List of questions of this group in the dataset
3   How often do you and your child talk about things that the child does in school?
4   How often do you help your child with homework and other schoolwork done at home?
5   How do you experience your opportunities to have an influence on the work that goes on in your childs class?
6   What is your opinion about the quarterly discussion, when you yourself are able to meet the teacher?
7   What is your approach to development discussions with teachers?
8   In most schools choices about courses in English and maths are made in the spring. Which course in English has your child chosen for year 7?
10   Which of the following reasons has most influenced this choice?
18   What are the most important responsibilities that schools have?

Forms and questions in cohort 1977 having questions in this group
  Questionnaire in grade 6
  Questionnaire in grade 10 AX
  This group are not available in any other form for this cohort