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9 Motivation

List of questions of this group in the dataset
51   Do you think that the hours that you are at school pass slowly?
52   Do you often spend time on your own during breaks?
53   Do you think that you have to learn lots of pointless stuff in school?
54   Do you give up if you get a difficult task to do in school?
55   Do you often think about other things when you do maths and writing in school?
56   Are you scared about having to answer questions in school?
57   Do you always do your best, even when the tasks are boring?
58   Does it ever happen that you can be afraid of someone at school?
59   Could you do better in school if you tried harder?

Forms and questions in cohort 1977 having questions in this group
  Questionnaire in grade 10 AX
  This group are not available in any other form for this cohort