ETF-Evaluation through follow-up.
Cohort 1977.
Questionnaire in grade 10 AX

Groups of questions

Group Description      
3 Plans and choices      
7 Self-perceptions of competence      
8 Perception of educational practices      
9 Motivation      
10 Leisure activities      

Variables in dataset.

no variable question group labels  
1   What is your current occupation? (several responses can be given) 3 show  
  QS10A1A I am studying at upper secondary school      
  QS10A1B I am doing some other form of education      
  QS10A1C I have paid employment      
  QS10A1D I am looking for a job      
  QS10A1E I am doing something else, namely      
2   Have you been to/do you go to upper secondary school? 3 show  
  QS10A2A Yes, I am in upper secondary school now and I have been on the same program the whole time      
  QS10A2B Yes, but now I have dropped out      
  QS10A2C No, I never started upper secondary school      
3 QS10A3 Have you completed a program of studies at upper secondary school? 3 show  
4 QS10A4 Have you interrupted a program of studies at upper secondary school? 3 show  
5 QS10A5 What were the most important reasons for not starting upper secondary school? 3 show  
6 QS10A6 How did you feel generally when you were in the final 3 years of secondary school? 9 show  
7   Did you experience any problems in the final years of secondary school in: 7 show  
  QS10A7A Swedish      
  QS10A7B English      
  QS10A7C Maths      
  QS10A7D Social science subjects      
  QS10A7E Science subjects      
  QS10A7F Sport and physical education      
  QS10A7G Contact with friends      
  QS10A7H Contact with teachers      
  QS10A7I Understanding teachers explanations      
  QS10A7J Getting help from the teacher      
8   How good was your knowledge in the following subjects when you left secondary school? 8 show  
  QS10A8A Swedish      
  QS10A8B English      
  QS10A8C Maths      
  QS10A8D Social science subjects      
  QS10A8E Science subjects      
9   What use have you subsequently had of the knowledge you gained in the following subjects in secondary school: 8 show  
  QS10A9A Swedish      
  QS10A9B English      
  QS10A9C Maths      
  QS10A9D Social science subjects      
  QS10A9E Science subjects      
10 QS10A10 Did you get a place on your first choice upper secondary school program? 3 show  
11 QS10A11 Have you changed your study or course program since starting upper secondary school? 3 show  
12   To what extent did your choice of program or course at upper secondary school depend on 3 show  
  QS10A12A Your interest for the subject area      
  QS10A12B Your educational plans after upper secondary school      
  QS10A12C Your own special occupational plans      
  QS10A12D Your opportunities to get a place at upper secondary school      
  QS10A12E Your ability to cope with the studies      
  QS10A12F Your opportunities to get good grades in upper secondary school      
  QS10A12G The advice you received from your study and careers adviser      
  QS10A12H What your parents thought      
13 QS10A13 What is your experience of studying at upper secondary school? 7 show  
14 QS10A14 Are/were you mostly content in upper secondary school? 7 show  
15   How much knowledge in the following subjects do you think you have received during your time in secondary school? 8 show  
  QS10A15A Swedish      
  QS10A15B English      
  QS10A15C Maths      
  QS10A15D Social science subjects      
  QS10A15E Science subjects      
  QS10A15F Religion      
  QS10A15G Sport and physical education      
  QS10A15H Aesthetical subject      
  QS10A15I Other subjects      
16   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in Swedish? 7 show  
  QS10A16A Read and understand a text      
  QS10A16B Write a story      
  QS10A16C Participate in a discussion      
  QS10A16D Give an oral presentation      
17   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in English? 7 show  
  QS10A17A Talk to anybody      
  QS10A17B Read and understand a text      
  QS10A17C Understand when some speaks      
  QS10A17D Write a letter or a story      
18   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in maths? 7 show  
  QS10A18A Mental arithmetic /rough calculation      
  QS10A18B Calculate percentages      
  QS10A18C Solve geometrical problems      
  QS10A18D Solve equations      
19   How do you feel generally when you have to: 7 show  
  QS10A19A Doing mathematical calculations      
  QS10A19B Reading      
  QS10A19C Writing      
  QS10A19D Speaking in a group      
20   Do the following statements correspond with your situation in upper secondary school? 9 show  
  QS10A20A I often find it difficult to concentrate in lessons      
  QS10A20B I often experience stress      
  QS10A20C I find it difficult to keep up in lessons      
  QS10A20D I get enough help with my school work from the teachers      
  QS10A20E I get help at home with my schoolwork when I need it      
21 QS10A21 Have you, during term time, done any paid work? 10 show  
22   How often do you spend time doing any of the following in your free time? 10 show  
  QS10A22A Reading daily newspapers      
  QS10A22B Reading magazines      
  QS10A22C Listening to the radio      
  QS10A22D Listening to records / tapes      
  QS10A22E Watching TV/videos      
  QS10A22F Doing stuff on the computer      
  QS10A22G Sport / exercise      
  QS10A22H Involved in club activities      
  QS10A22I Reading books (other than school books)      
  QS10A22J Going to the theatre, concerts or museums      
  QS10A22K Going to the cinema      
  QS10A22L Going to sporting events      
  QS10A22M Another, namely      
24   Which clubs/societies are you a member of ? 10 show  
  QS10A24A I am not a member of any club/society      
  QS10A24B Sporting club      
  QS10A24C Hobby club      
  QS10A24D Religious society      
  QS10A24E Political organisation      
  QS10A24F Temperance society      
  QS10A24G Nature or environmental society      
  QS10A24H Another club/society, namely      
25   There now follow a number of questions about how adequate you think your knowledge/competency is in different situations. Answer by putting a cross in one of the boxes. How would you asses your ability to: 7 show  
  QS10A25A Read the subtitles to a film?      
  QS10A25B Respond to a job advertisement in writing where you are required to tell a little bit about yourself?      
  QS10A25C Work out how much cheaper a TV would be with a 30% discount?      
  QS10A25D Calculate how many square metres of flooring you would need in a room?      
  QS10A25E Understand an english film without subtitles?      
  QS10A25F Receive a telephone call in English that is meant for another person? You have to explain in English that the person is not in and that it would be best to call back later.      
26   Do you have any plans to start any educational program within the next three years? (several alternatives can be given) 3 show  
  QS10A26A Yes, at university      
  QS10A26B Yes, at a folk high school      
  QS10A26C Yes, at an adult education centre      
  QS10A26D Yes, some other form of education      
  QS10A26E No      
  QS10A26F Do not know      
27   What are you occupational plans? 3 show  
  QS10A27A I fully intend to      
  QS10A27B I have not fully decided yet, but consider      
  QS10A27C I have no definite occupational plans