ETF-Evaluation through follow-up.
Cohort 2004.
Questionnaire in grade 9

Groups of questions

Group Description      
1 Background      
3 Plans and choices      
7 Self-perceptions of competence      
8 Perception of educational practices      
9 Motivation      
10 Leisure activities      
14 Wellness      

Variables in dataset.

no variable question group labels  
1 QS91 In which elementary school are you studying? 1 show  
2   To what extent did your choice of compulsory school depend on 3 show  
  QS92A that the school had a better reputation?      
  QS92B that the school had better teacher?      
  QS92C that the teaching was different?      
  QS92D What your parents thought?      
  QS92E Your friends choices?      
  QS92F Another, namely?      
3   How content are you … 9 show  
  QS93A in your current class?      
  QS93B in your current school?      
  QS93C with other pupils?      
  QS93D with the teachers?      
  QS93E with school work?      
  QS93F with your health?      
  QS93G with your family life?      
  QS93H with your life as a whole?      
4   How good do you think you are in the following subjects? 7 show  
  QS94A Swedish      
  QS94B English      
  QS94C Maths      
  QS94D Social science subjects      
  QS94E Science subjects      
  QS94F Engineering      
  QS94G Sport and physical education      
  QS94H Art      
  QS94I Music      
  QS94J Handicraft      
5   How interested are you in learning more about the following subjects? 9 show  
  QS95A Swedish      
  QS95B English      
  QS95C Maths      
  QS95D Social science subjects      
  QS95E Science subjects      
  QS95F Engineering      
  QS95G Sport and physical education      
  QS95H Art      
  QS95I Music      
  QS95J Handicraft      
6   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in Swedish? 7 show  
  QS96A Read and understand a text      
  QS96B Read aloud for the whole class      
  QS96C Read the subtitles to a film?      
  QS96D Write a story      
  QS96E Participate in a discussion      
  QS96F Give an oral presentation      
  QS96G Be good at spelling      
7   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in English? 7 show  
  QS97A Understand when some speaks      
  QS97B Understand an english film without subtitles?      
  QS97C Read and understand a text      
  QS97D Talk to anybody      
  QS97E Write a letter or a story      
  QS97F Look up information in english      
  QS97G Give an oral presentation      
  QS97H Be good at spelling      
8   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in maths? 7 show  
  QS98A Mental arithmetic /rough calculation      
  QS98B Calculate addition and division e.g.      
  QS98C Calculate percentages      
  QS98D Calculate area and circumference      
  QS98E Solve equations      
  QS98F Solve mathematic problems      
  QS98G Explain mathematic problems      
  QS98H large assignments or doing projects in Maths      
9 QS99 What has it been like to study during the last three years of secondary school? 10 show  
10   How often do you work in this particular way in your class? 8 show  
  QS910A The teacher talks for most of the time during the lesson      
  QS910B Teacher and pupils discuss things together      
  QS910C Working in groups      
  QS910D Working individually      
  QS910E Working with large assignments or doing projects      
  QS910F Look up information by oneself      
  QS910G Doing test      
  QS910H Have written test      
  QS910I Being involved in planning instruction      
  QS910J Present a project      
  QS910K Planning and working with a project      
11   How often do the following happen? 9 show  
  QS911A You tell at home how it has been or how you felt in school      
  QS911B You tell at home what you work with in school      
  QS911C You show test results or other things you have done in school      
  QS911D You tell your parents how you get along with your classmates?      
  QS911E That one or other of your parents takes part in the teaching or other activities in school      
  QS911F You tell how you get along with your teachers?      
  QS911G You get help at home with schoolwork if needed?      
12 QS912 How much time do you spend on average each week doing home assignments or homework? 10 show  
13 QS913_1 Do you think that pupils should get grades in secondary school? 9 show  
13 QS913_2 School marks can be assigned from: 9    
14 QS914 How fair do you think the grades that you have received so far in secondary school have been? 8 show  
15   What do the grades you get in school depend on? 8 show  
  QS915A The teachers tests?      
  QS915B The National Test result?      
  QS915C how work is carried out during lessons?      
  QS915D Follow the rules that apply in school      
  QS915E How much the teacher likes one?      
  QS915F Oral performances?      
  QS915G Dependent on how interested you are in the schoolwork?      
16   Do the following statements correspond with your situation in the school? 9 show  
  QS916A Find it difficult to keep up in lessons      
  QS916B Give up if I get a difficult task to do in school      
  QS916C Need more help than what I get from my teacher      
  QS916D I am happy when I am in school?      
  QS916E I find it difficult to concentrate in lessons      
  QS916F I worry about things that happen in school?      
  QS916G Experience stress      
  QS916H Most things are going well for me at school?      
  QS916I Feel excluded      
  QS916J Feel unfairly treated by teachers      
  QS916K Feel that I am bullied by other pupils      
  QS916L It is difficult to keep up with everything I must do at school?      
  QS916M I feel tired during the day?      
  QS916N I have difficulties to sit still and work during lessons?      
  QS916O My peers like me      
  QS916P I keep my self      
17   How true are the following statements? 8 show  
  QS917A If you really made an effort, would you be more smart?      
  QS917B You have not made an effort if you get low marks in school?      
  QS917C Even if you are smart you have to work hard in school!      
  QS917D Even if you not are smart can you get high marks in school if you make an effort!      
18   How often do you try and do the following things in school? 9 show  
  QS918A Learn to be smarter      
  QS918B Learn so that I can get a place on a good educational program      
  QS918C Learn facts      
  QS918D Learn to understand better      
  QS918E To be better than other pupils in the class      
  QS918F Show respect to other pupils emotions or feelings      
  QS918G Learn so that I can get a well-paid job      
  QS918H Learn so that I would not appear to be stupid in front of others      
  QS918I Get things done in time      
  QS918J To be a responsible pupil      
  QS918K To be a pupil who does well in school      
  QS918L Support someone who is sad?      
  QS918M Work hard to learn, even if it is difficult      
  QS918N To do my very best      
  QS918O Learn new things      
  QS918P Learn so the teacher do not think that I can less than other students in the class      
  QS918Q Learn so that other people will think I am clever      
  QS918R Be kind to younger pupils?      
  QS918S Learn so as to be able to look after myself when I am an adult      
  QS918T Learn so that I can get a job that I like      
  QS918U Learn so I do not appear to have problem to mangage the studies      
  QS918V To show my teacher that I am smarter than other pupils      
19   How often do you feel like this at school and in your spare time? 14 show  
  QS919A I am in control of things.      
  QS919B I feel sad and dull?      
  QS919C I have a solution to problems that arise?      
  QS919D I have feelings and thoughts that I do not understand?      
  QS919E I have feelings that I do not want to feel?      
  QS919F I am unlucky and things happen I cannot help?      
  QS919G I think what I do is meaningsless?      
  QS919H I am treated fairly by others?      
  QS919I I get out of difficult situations?      
  QS919J Life is quite understandable?      
  QS919K I do unpleasant things that I do not really want to do?      
  QS919L I know what might happen befor it happens?      
20 QS920 Are you going to study abroad during upper secondary school? 3 show  
21 QS921 Are you considering studying at university? 3 show  
22 QS922 Which upper secondary school have you chosen? 3 show  
23   To what extent did your choice of upper secondary school depend on 3 show  
  QS923A That the school you have chosen has better teachers?      
  QS923B That the school you chose had a better reputation?      
  QS923C That the teaching methods at the school you have chosen will suit you better?      
  QS923D That the school you have chosen has a special profile (e.g. a sport profile)?      
  QS923E That your preferred program and study focus determined your choice?      
  QS923F What your parents thought?      
  QS923G Your friends choices?      
  QS923H Your opportunities to get good grades in upper secondary school?      
  QS923I Another, namely?      
24   How mucht depended on your first choice of program? 3 show  
  QS924A Your interest in the program?      
  QS924B Your educational plans after upper secondary school?      
  QS924C Your own special occupational plans?      
  QS924D Your chances of getting a place on the program?      
  QS924E Your ability to cope with the studies?      
  QS924F Your opportunities to get good grades in upper secondary school?      
  QS924G The advice you received from your study and careers adviser?      
  QS924H The advice you got from teachers?      
  QS924I What your parents thought?      
  QS924J Your friends choices?      
  QS924K Another, namely      
25   How much time do you spend on average per week on the following? 10 show  
  QS925A Listen to music      
  QS925B Watch TV or movies or series (also Computer or DVD)?      
  QS925C Play video games or games on computer?      
  QS925D Sports, exercises?      
  QS925E Read other books than school books?      
  QS925F Participate in activities such as theater, dance, music?      
  QS925G Hang out with friends?      
  QS925H Work and get paid for it?      
  QS925I Another, namely      
26   Think about how it has been both in and outside the school! 14 show  
  QS926A During the last six months, have you experienced difficulty in concentrating?      
  QS926B During the last six months, have you experienced difficulty in sleeping?      
  QS926C During the last six months, have you suffered from headaches?      
  QS926D During the last six months, have you suffered from stomach aches?      
  QS926E During the last six months, have you felt tense?      
  QS926F During the last six months, have you had little appetite?      
  QS926G During the last six months, have you felt sad?      
  QS926H During the last six months, have you felt giddy?      
  QS926I During the last six months, have you felt irritated or moody?      
  QS926J During the last six months, have you felt nervous?      
  QS926K During the last six months, have you felt low?      
  QS926L During the last six months, have you been in trouble with others?      
  QS926M During the last six months, have you kept away from your peers?      
27 QS927 If you want to add something that we have not asked about you can write it here 1