Value labels for Cohort 1977, School Administrative data in grade 9
Question 1   The girl in the picture thinks that she is good at sums

- Do you think that you are good at sums?

- Do you think that your teacher thinks that you are good at sums?

- Do you often think that you would like to be better at doing sums?

value description
0 No answer
1 Yes
2 No

List of variables in form with similar value labels:
0   QS61A   QS61B   QS61C   QS62A   QS62B   QS62C   QS63A   QS63B   QS63C   QS64A   QS64B   QS64C   QS65A   QS65B   QS65C   QS66A   QS66B   QS66C   QS67A   QS67B   QS67C