Value labels for Cohort 1977,
Question 17   How well do you think you are able to accomplish the following in English?

- Understand when some speaks

- Read and understand a text

- Talk to anybody

- Write a letter or a story

value description
1 Very good
2 Quite good
3 Quite poor
4 Very poor

List of variables in form with similar value labels:
0   QS10A16A   QS10A16B   QS10A16C   QS10A16D   QS10A17A   QS10A17B   QS10A17C   QS10A17D   QS10A18A   QS10A18B   QS10A18C   QS10A18D   QS10A8A   QS10A8B   QS10A8C   QS10A8D   QS10A8E