Value labels for Cohort 1977,
Question 25   There now follow a number of questions about how adequate you think your knowledge/competency is in different situations. Answer by putting a cross in one of the boxes. How would you asses your ability to:

- Read the subtitles to a film?

- Understand an english film without subtitles?

- Respond to a job advertisement in writing where you are required to tell a little bit about yourself?

- Work out how much cheaper a TV would be with a 30% discount?

- Calculate how many square metres of flooring you would need in a room?

- Receive a telephone call in English that is meant for another person? You have to explain in English that the person is not in and that it would be best to call back later.

value description
1 Very good
2 Quite good
3 Quite poor
4 Very poor

List of variables in form with similar value labels:
QS10A25A   QS10A25B   QS10A25C   QS10A25D   QS10A25E   QS10A25F